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Soil, Mulch, & Garden Supplies

We have all the garden supplies you need to keep your garden and containers healthy and lush! We specialize in organic soils for use in both container gardens and in the landscape. With many offerings from Coast of Maine -including their certified organic Kelp based fertilizers, lobster compost, and dye free mulches, your garden will be looking it's best in no time!

Black Gold soils have quickly become a customer favorite. Made by Sun Gro Horticulture they offer many different, certified organic potting soil blends. From seed starter to outdoor containers they have an answer for all your potting needs!

Espoma has long led the industry in naturual and organic fertilizers, starting in 1929 when the company was first founded! We are proud to carry many of their wonderful fertlizers, from the classic Holly-tone and Rose-tone to soil acidifiers to keep your hyrdrangeas that beautiful blue, we will help you choose the best product for your plants!